Romancing Middle-earth

Romance has shaped Middle-Earth from ages long since past
There’s mortal Beren’s undying love for Luthien, fairest of the land
And Celeborn with Galadriel, Lord and Lady hand in hand
Now sailed to the West with their undying love, first age to the last

Tom Bombadil the ageless one sings for his sweet Goldberry
So kind is she his endless love will forever be unmatched
‘Cept by the love of Arwen Evenstar her of Elven blood
She forsake to be with Elessar in the Fourth age they did marry

Lord Denethor’s love for Finduilas so short and wrought with pain
But from their union came Boromir his love only for Gondor
And the kinder Ranger Faramir future Prince of Ithilien
To find the love of Eowyn saved from death on the Battle Plain

Brave Samwise shy and smitten comes back from many trials
To capture the heart of sweet Rosie Cotton and rule in the Shire
For the undying love of his master has now sailed for the West
Together Sam and Rosie Gamgee filled many, many Smials

Walking through Fangorn Forest the Ents will always roam
Theirs is the saddest story of love in the lore of Middle-Earth
Please let them know the whereabouts in any parts unknown
They’ll forever be a wishing that the Entwives would come home

- JimboBaggins