O Brother Where Art Thou?

For Boromir

The War is now over and peace has come
The King has returned and Orthanc undone

The Pellanor fields grow with grass high and green
Hiding the mounds that we mourn of loved ones unseen

My love is now found for the Daughter of Rohan
Now we're betrothed to strengthen the bonds of our land

And while the future is clear and evil is passed
My love for you brother will be forever at last

Your weakness I’m told by the Halflings while sad
Is forgiven and forgotten by King Ellesar’s hand

If you only could be here to see your beloved Gondor
The White Tree now blooms with its entire splendor

If our ancestors should look in favor and decree
That when my time comes I will again be with thee

O' Brother Where Art Thou?
Your brother, Faramir, missing you now.

- JimboBaggins