The Ring

LotR Object: The one Ring

Gandalf, you must take this Ring!
I'm much too small to bear such a thing.
'Don't ask,' said the wizard.
'I dare not take it my young hobbit waif.
I cannot take it, even to keep it safe.'

Elrond, please keep this Thing here.
Won't one of your fair folk take this fear?
'We will not,' they all said.
'We're much too busy,' said all of the elves.
'You'd better keep it while we tend to ourselves.'

Strider, its yours, the One Ring.
An heirloom kept for the rightful king.
'I cannot,' said the man.
'My kin are weak and so easily swayed.
I don't have the strength, my sword's a Broken Blade.'

Who will take this Bane from me?
I'm hurt and tired, and want to be free.
'Not I,' said the Lady.
'Though I yearned to be most deadly and fair.
I'd be too beautiful, and all would despair."'

Then I will take this vile Thing.
To destroy Sauron's most evil Ring.
My Sam and I will go,
To Mount Doom, just my loyal Sam and me.
Through fear, pain and fire we will set the Great free.