A Page Torn from the Red Book

- Jennan O Possums

Some say Sam is just a gardener
Only good for raking leaves,
Drinking beer and cleaning gutters
"Seeing" elves among the trees.
But there's more to Sam Gamgee
Then planting any seed.
He is my friend. He is my brother.
The only one I'll ever need.

When we left the house of Elrond
He climbed Caradhras cold.
When the Watcher pulled me downward,
It was Sam's blade that cut its hold.
Then when Gandalf fell in darkness
 I ached with grief, heart given in.
He kept me up, my feet from stumbling
And got me safely to Lórien.

He was there on the Great River
Where the Fellowship had to end.
Set off with me into darkness,
Not a servant, but a friend.
He helped tame the false Smeagol
Though Sam knew he would betray.
He kept my hands from doing evil
When the Ring held me at bay.

Through Dead Marshes bleak and hopeless
He was always at my side
I went on because of Sam's love
Without him I would have died.
To the Gates that were not open
He was the better part of me.
Sam watched my growing madness,
My eyes too blind to see.

He cooked stew when I was hungry
And I had no strength to eat.
Defended me to the Captain
Then started off again with weary feet.
In black mountains he walked on with me,
Up many stairs and tunnel long.
Saved the Quest when I was taken.
Set me free all alone.

When we crossed the burning desert
And fierce foes were all around,
He kept our path ever forward
I was weak and he was strong.
At the end we were together
As great eagles bore us away.
I got the glory, he got a mention
For a debt I can't repay.

When at last I had to leave him
And the land I loved behind,
I saw the beauty he'd restored there
My eyes   no longer blind.
Someday I know we'll be together
On that far and hidden shore.
Sam Gamgee I wish you everything,
Every  thing   and more...