Éowyn of the Rohirrim

Born into a royal house of great glory,
Trained to be a shield maiden of a fell people,
Destined to do mighty deeds of renown.
She would not sit idly while others fought great wars.

Fate brought her to the king’s Golden Hall,
Where hope came that she would fulfill her destiny.
But certainty left when a shadow appeared.
A darkness that drained life from the king, and faith from her heart.

Seconds, minutes, hours and days passed in timeless torment.
She watched trapped, while hope turned into little more than a memory.
She grew cold and her heart hardened within her,
Dreams were all but forgotten.

But then a stranger entered the hallowed walls.
A great warrior who would take her into battle.
With him her destiny would be fulfilled, her long wait now over.
And then he was gone. . .

Despair overcame her, desperation gnawed at her soul.
The tiny flame of hope she had fought to keep alive was extinguished.
Death was now her only escape, her only chance of honor,
And they tried to take even that from her.

But another warrior came to her then;
Small of stature, but with a heart of the great.
They would travel together, each without hope, but loyalty alone,
Moving ever toward what Fate would bring them.

Alone they were mere tokens, baggage that could be left behind;
But together they slew the foe none could withstand.
Yet, when it was over, despair again returned.
Death was still her only hope and life was empty once more.

A third and final warrior entered into her life.
He was broken and beaten, yet still mighty and unafraid.
Her doom was inscribed in his eyes, and his was mirrored in hers.
Unlooked for, unbidden, her true fate and love were revealed at last.