Night Skies

Surveying the area, Boromir’s gaze wandered during the night’s watch. And consequently, so did his thoughts. He looked at the stars and was reminded of the glittering White City. He thought about his home and what his brother was up to. Maybe, he thought, Faramir was fighting in a battle, or possibly enjoying his time in Minas Tirith. Whatever was going on, Boromir was fascinated by the stars.

Stars, twinkling, bright above my head
Possessed, not able to look away,
They hold my gaze.
The night keeps my attention,
Bringing thoughts from the depths of my mind.

What thoughts may come to me, when searching the skies?
Our great quest has kept fear in my heart.
I see that all our struggles will come to an end,
But what end shall they meet?
We set out to destroy it, but will it be done?

Images stray, look to Gondor.
Home, this is strength, comfort,
Will it be brought here, where no damage awaits it?
Mordor brings harshness, pains shall not be avoided
But the White City, none shall possess it but the righteous.

Stars, shining, keep me thinking
Captivated, not able to look away.
Whirring ideas, captions, fragments
My mind is a blur, when will our pains cease . . .
When will our troubles be done?

- Loverofhobbits