The Hill of the Wind

- jan-u-wine

There is naught here, now, of course.

Naught  but cold,

keening wind,

solitary breath stirring
with memories.  

Faded dreams they seem,
tales from long closed books,
edges curled and riven with age.

Beauty and laughter dwelt here
of a time,

the wind touching  fingers of warmth
to the face of sun-burnished tower.

My fingers find a curious stone:



in the dark dell
where we lay hidden
that not-so-long-ago night.

Like dream meeting daylight,
of a sudden, I know this be-nighted stone:

in a far-off time,


a time of flowering

and song,

a time of stars and sun
and warm winds,

it held, like hand to heart,
yet another stone.

That one sleeps beneath the wave,

safe and silent
within the Sea's keeping.

The bit of stone,
black and weary-worn by time
finds its way to my pocket.

Almost like a secret,
a promise,
a hope,
my hand holds to it.

My foot traces the fire-scars upon the tumble-down tower rocks.

New grass grows there,
spears of tender-fierce green twine lonely grey stone.    

A soundless sigh of sunlight-scented wind touches my cheek:

It is.......



A little background on Amon Sul :
The largest and most powerful palantir in the North was kept in the Tower of Amon Sul.  The palantir was kept on a round table of black marble with a curved depression in the surface where the seeing-stone was set.
 In 1409, Weathertop was surrounded by a great host from Angmar.  The Tower of Amon Sul was burned and razed. The Stone of Amon Sul was rescued by the forces of Arthedain, but it was later lost at sea.
Over time the ring of stones that had once been the foundation of the Tower of Amon Sul crumbled and became overgrown with grass.
Amon Sûl was the Sindarin name for Weathertop. It means "Hill of the Wind" from amon meaning "hill" and sûl meaning "wind."
    (excerpted from The Thain's Book)