Frodo to Gollum :"Save"

- jan-u-wine

It is an odd word.

Sam said I could not save you.
Sam was more right than he knew.
To my shame,
'save ' for you ,
all would have been lost.
No matter that you
did not mean to save me.
No matter that,
in the end,
It drove you back to madness.
Together, we did what neither of us could do,
would do,
Once again, you pulled me back
from evil's touch,
once again,
I find myself divided....
once again, find myself, looking back,
looking  back
to where you have gone.
I can no longer ask if you are all right.
I know, now, you are.
One of us, at least,
has found peace.
After all the long ages,
I am glad it is you.
I am glad
are saved.