Frodo Goes Over Sea

- jan-u-wine

 3 : A Road We Shall Walk Together

In time, Sam,
whether wounded or wearied
by the slow spillage of days,
we perforce take ship and depart.

Where once I sought
the gentle green,
the sweet, sunlit comfort
of Home,
now I see only the deep, certain blue
of the endless Sea,
I hear only waves upon that distant Shore.

You must try to understand,
I must try to understand.

There was never
really any escape....
only the odd sort of frightened comfort
I find in familiar darkness.

This good-bye is only a part of the one we said
that long-ago day
when we set out.

This good-bye,
like that one,
may lead us Home again.

When you grow weary,
and the lonely moments of the day become only pain in your heart,
across the wide Sea,
I wait for you.

My friend,
My Gardener,
My Sam.

There is still a Road we shall walk together.

I will not say good-bye.