Frodo Goes Over Sea

- jan-u-wine

 1: Last Night I Dreamed of The Road

Last night, I dreamed of the Road.

safe here, in the smallness of my world,
held warm within the sweetness of Home,
still I see other places.

Voices echo in the long hours of the night.
Even the cheerful spark contained by the grate
holds a watchful Eye.

It is not over.

I am rested.
I am whole.
Yet there is no peace in my heart,
save that which exists outside of it.

I am glad for the lives they have,
the lives they will have.

Fierce, warming sun lights my desk, splashes jewelled prisms
across the whiteness of the page.

All I see,
All I feel,
is darkness.

Like wintry cold creeping upon a stone floor,
it comes for me.


I am more frightened now than ever before.

Last night, I dreamed of the Road:

The Road
that leads
to the Sea.