At the Cross-roads of the King

- jan-u-wine

The hours seem as days now,

each step
beyond weariness,

until all I see
(when I see aught but gold-circled fire)
is my own blood painting the path

all I hear, the voice of my heart,
at last,

by twisted, soft whisperings.

There is nothing else.

Just sight and sound,
as the World


to a place
where nothing dwells save starless night.

And if
the image of fear
that somehow obscures true sight
does not suffice,

there is reminder of the diminishing of our hope
before my eyes:

a once fair and mighty king, carved hands

with stern beauty upon unbroken knees….

and the singular visage of the Lord of this be-nighted

like the bloodied neb of a carrion bird,
upon the proud curve of his neck.

The Sun sifts in grey-fogged, ragged shadows
upon the ground,

the broken silence of the ancient King's head,
where it lies, dishonoured, 

by all save the errant wind. 
(A wind
that even now steals forth
from the West,

worrying the veil of the Sun).

As if in answer to its call,
sudden Light,

spilling  in ribbons across the Road's harsh back.

I look upon the face of the King.

Never will I know who he might have been:

long years have sheared his name from

clouded with evil his Song.

Yet bound upon his brow,
twining  there like Hope itself,
a living crown.

Silver-white star-flowers, coiled about with true-gold.
It has been long since the Fair Speech has
played its music within my mind,

yet words like quick-silver notes run through me,
speaking of days distant and sweet with peace.
I touch with wonder the broken,

undefeated countenance
before me.

And  turn away.

Turn away,
as I must,

to the East,

my feet finding
with surety,
the ever-darkening path.

I feel him behind me,
the old king,

feel the thread of living hope
that binds me to this Road,
stretch between us like a promise.

Behind the wrack of anger-ravaged clouds,
a star  shines,

its constant beauty unassailable,
its Light
a pledge against
Darkness eternal.

I raise my head
in stubborn defiance.

They will not……

they cannot

for ever.

Note:  last verse taken directly from ROTK (Journey to the Cross-roads).  It is interesting to me to note that, instead of writing "forever", Tolkien wrote "for ever", which has quite a different nuance to it.