Samwise Views Bag-end West

- jan-u-wine

Across So Wide a Sea

How soft

the light beckons



fair bows the round window

with welcome,

it does.....


Just the sight of the tender spill

of it,


the sweet trail of vine

laced about its curve....

star-flowers twined to night-fogged

rippled glass....


just the sight of it comforts me,

brings Home close to my heart. 


And the garden!


all a-riot

with I-know-not-what,

roses strange and familiar,

sweet grasses and lavender

scenting the pearl-dusk air....


Elanor clinging to a hand-hewn trellis....   


And you.


The same,


different as well.


more quiet

(if such a more there could ever be)


so free,


so light of heart,


it does my heart good.


And the dark gathers close about us,

(a kindly dark, this)


and the great cloak of stars holds us,

silent, together,


pinned to this place,

this moment,


this life,


this Home.