The Horn of Helm

LotR Object: The horn of Helm Hammerhand

The days have darkened in the mountains,
               valleys fallen to evil hand
The snows deepen
Desparate, the need of the people
                from lands lost,
                to caverns retreated
Where is the hand of deliverance?
Whose, the voice of hope?
How shall the bodies of the dead be counted
                if none remain?
But hark!
O'er the cries of battle
                a ringing blast,
                deep and strong
Horn of Helm from Hornburg mighty
Dread in heart of foe striking
Call to arms, as in ages past
The Valaroma, voice of Orome,  was heard -
                fearsome and fell
Death to the enemies of free folk bringing!
                Forth!  Forth Eorlingas!
                Fierce Rohirrim!
                The Horn of Helm calls you!
                Ride with your King!
                Ride forth - to victory!

- Jade of Orc