The Ballad of Boromir (Boromir's Lament)

The mighty and proud Boromir
Whose conscience is so sparkling clear
Now has traveled very far to be so near
To that which offers the greatest hope
And the greatest fear
For a people who are hopelessly outnumbered
Everyday the threat grows and hopes wane
Like the last ray of sunlight
Hopes forever pains and grips his heart tight

The Sons Of Gondor need no king
Only the Power of the One Ring
Can save them, or so it appears
This fool's errand is madness
Can you not feel his despair and sadness
His desperation drives him to desperate ends
Causing him to be viewed with suspicion by his friends

The One Ring thus bends
Him to its will
Preying on his mind
Knawing at his soul
Thus, bringing him under its control
Knowing that he can be tempted by his desire to do good
To help his people and all the races of Middle Earth

His fate was sealed
But his true character was revealed
Trust was earned
Respect given

In the end he triumphed
Over the power of the Ring
The price was high
His life did fly
From him

He proved his true might
During his last fight
Wisdom was gained
And never feigned
Wounds were healed
A family torn asunder was
Put back together
Resolve was born
A king was made
In that sunny glade
On that autumn day
Where Boromir's noble sacrifice
With his life did he pay

- Jaamoril Inok