Shadows and Light

- Isilmë

Of shadows and light, what did they know.
to walk a path and look at the sky,
The sun might shine and west wind blow,
to which would they succumb and why.

For Boromir and yes, Frodo too
they found the answer too late.
Where once upon a time spirits flew,
Now they are sunken due to fate.

It was with honour that he started,
his journey ended, foretold, in defeat.
In him had blossomed life and light,
now a grew darkness, unable to beat.

For the little one who made the great choice,
that stronger and more wiser men would not.
He passed first through dark shadows's forces,
then beheld the light of Eressea, never forgot.

Touched also were Arwen Undomiel and Aragorn,
their love was forbidden until a king was crowned.
And when his world faded, she became overborne,
to join him she laid upon Cerin Amroth's ground.

He overcame his wanderings and Isildur's plight,
oath to forsake immortality she took, with love to gain.
Through the fleeing shadows they formed a brilliant light,
yet when his light went out, her shadows chased, causing pain.

With Meriadoc and Peregrin, esquires to the Kings,
life was bright, sure of happiness in the green 'Shire.
To them the world seemed safe, in the beginning,
unfolding before their eyes, so much beauty to admire.

Separated near the end, a darkness neither could bear,
wizard creates distance between palantir and hobbit thief.
At last they saw their own light, oaths to kings they did swear,
never knowing that it would lead, to overwhelming grief.

Gandalf knew, quest was near impossible to complete,
his wisdom and guidance they would need to find the way.
Moria was his fear, for darkness he was saure to meet,
what would they do, when he was in the end taken away.

Did he know he was to reappear,
against the odds and filled with hope.
Galadriel saw Olorin, and sent Gwaihir,
brought him back from light on mountain slope.

Gimli was only searching for ancestors,
joined the fellowship to best an Elf.
Runs gasping through Moria's doors,
only bones and book left, lost himself.

From the deep forests of Mirkwood,
a father had sent his princely son.
Of the light he was, kind and good,
what would it take to come undone?

They travelled well, not a single tear shed,
then the Balrog and the bridge of Khazad-dum.
Not the end of sorrow, next the paths of the dead,
against the warning, elf saw the sea, light's doom.

In the end a bond of friendship formed,
to visit Fangorn and Helm's Deep.
With the shadows gone, the peace returned,
then at last a ship to catch and finally, sleep.

When did Samwise know, to keep his pledge,
he would need to have the greater might.
Traveling dark roads to a mountain edge,
and see a friend overcome, lose his light.

In the 'Shire, life seemed fair,
but Frodo's fire could not burn,
and all Samwise could dare,
was hope, for the light to return