I Must See it Through

- Isilmë
… I must see it through …

To save the Quest I do this.
though my soul’s in an abyss.
More grief than I’ve ever known,
overwhelms me to the bone.

Your death should not have happened,
Slinker brought us to this end.
‘It’s the only way,’ he said,
now my heart is broken, dead.

So calm and peaceful you look,
not showing what this Quest took.
It has no hold on you now,
I must now go on, but how?

Your struggle’s done, mine’s begun,
with little hope, almost none.
Phial flashes white on face,
so pale in this starless place.

‘Forgive me master,’ I say,
though breathless and cold you lay.
I must take It from you now,
final kiss I place on brow.

Upon silver chain It‘s caught,
to destroy It we have fought.
Darkness, fear and betrayal,
ghosts behind me on this trail.

Naught left but to put It on,
this Thing that was your burden.
‘Good-bye, master,’ I murmur,
then turn and away wander……

...down lonely path I travel,
every step against my will.
My one wish, return to you,
but first…I must see it through.