~~~~Pippin's Part~~~~

- Isilmë

Of the little Hobbits four, Peregrin was the youngest
yet he unwittingly played his part, and was bravest
in his defiance to Gandalf’s warning, showing no fear
just great stealth, as his need to look into the Palantír
became more than he could hope to contain within his heart,
he knew it was wrong to, but couldn’t stop, playing his part
glancing into the dark globe, he saw the Eye of Sauron
staring back at him, frozen stiff he thought the Eye had won
was drawn ever closer to the crystal against his will
no fight left, only a strangled cry he gave, then lay still.

Unaware of what went on around him, still wrapped in fear
and pain, the wizard knelt beside the little one he held dear
seeing the Palantír not knowing what might have been said
awoke the youngster from the nightmare still within his head
by laying of gentle hand upon his brow and calling
“Peregrin Took! Come back!” at this the Hobbit, still clinging
tightly to the wizards hand, turns and asks for forgiveness
for what he has just done, the wizard must know first what mess
the hobbit may have created with his theft of the seeing
stone, once the story’s told wizard pardons small one, smiling.

“More harm could have been done little one” in his eagerness
Sauron only saw the prize he has sought in the darkness
in front of him, and sent one black winged Nazgûl to gather
the dainty from Saruman, thus showing his new horror
early, it spurred Riders forward to their destination
‘ere dawn broke and set the stage for Saurons’ domination
to fail, for the future King soon confronted the enemy
revealed his secret in who he was and what he would be
to all, this due to the bravery of one little heart
that couldn’t stop itself from looking, and played his part.