- Isilmë

Spark!...Bang!... Flash!...then Crack!
Pop!...Fizzle!...Twirls go upward.
The magic, Gandalfs back,
he is a great wizard!

Red, Blue, White, ooh Yellow!
Birds, Trees, and Butterflies!
We're here for the show,
eyes looking to the sky.

What else has he brought here,
to Bilbo's birthday ball?
Will it make us all cheer,
watching dancing lights fall.

Always saving best for last,
he turns and with his staff,
sets off finale with a blast,
star carves a glowing path.

Our excitement building,
red tail starts to lengthen,
then body and two wings,
Oh my it's a DRAGON!

Run, fall, we're all agog,
it was just the shadow,
of the old beast Smaug.
Gandalf laughs, pipe glowing.