Healing Hands

- Isilmë

I wrote this one a while back as I tried to see how Faramir and Éowyn *fit* together. Sometimes I felt that Tolkien put them together just to tie up loose ends in the story. Yet the more I thought about the situation and times they were in I could see this was not so. I think their union shows us that even in the darkest times hope and love can do more than just survive, it can flourish. (I hope the poem is better than my rambling intro, enjoy.)

(As *spoken* by Faramir)

Upon my father’s order, I had left,
for Osgiliath, my soul still bereft.
The loss of my brother and father’s scorn,
tortured me more deeply than Southron’s thorn.

An yet from the darkness I was pulled free,
saw before me the King, smiling at me.
With wisdom from the past he had reached in,
released all my pains and hurts from within.

With spirit buoyed, I walk in sunlight gardens,
where upon the path she treads, my heart brightens.
We stand holding hands as sky clears above,
hope blooms, with tender kiss we seal our love.