For Gwaihir

- Isilmë
Now I sit and ponder,
how do we give honour,
to one who shows great valour?
Well read on and see the Eagles wonder!

I have borrowed from the Silmarillian, the Hobbit and LoTR to create this piece for Gwaihir.

Throughout the history of Middle Earth.
the Eagles have been the eyes of Manwe.
So many times they have come forth,
to the aid of the Eldar and Atani.

Thorondor, mightiest ancestor of Gwaihir,
did save Beren and Luthien from Morgoth.
After thier battle to win the Silmarils,
he delivered them back to Doriath.

As captain he flew beside Earendel,
giving aid during the War of Wrath.
Dragons, Morgoths creatures most evil,
they battled until in the light of day earth was bathed.

From this mighty Eagle, Gwaihir, you do come,
following in the path of your forbearers.
Four times your help has been most welcome,
your mountains high give you sight like the Valar.

First you saved fifteen from the frying pan,
carrying them up high to your eyrie.
Dwalin, Balin, Dori, Ori, Oin and Gloin, Bilbo and Gandalf,
Bifur, Bofur, Bombur and Thorin, little Kili and Fili.

Then Gandalf you again did rescue,
from the tower of Orthanc.
Nothing did you ask in dues,
all you recieved was a heartfelt thanks.

When all others had given up and were in despair,
upon Galadriel's request did you take up the quest.
As Windlord you searched the mountains high in the air,
found and brought Gandalf to Lothlorien for healing and rest.

At the final battle in front of the Morannon,
to the many voices calling "The Eagles are coming"
Nazgul you came to bear down and do battle on,
but back to Mordor they turned and starting fleeing.

But two were still in trouble and in need of aid,
with Gandalf you flew once more, into the Black pit.
Landroval and Meneldor by your side, into the horizon did you fade,
saying "the North Wind blows fast, but we will out fly it"

You first saw them, with your keen far-seeing eyes,
hand in hand, two small figures forlorn in the mire,
Down the wild wind you came, daring great peril from the skies,
lifting them up and bearing both out of the Darkness and the fire.

For you, Gwaihir, on your special day,
this is how I can show the rest,
how you and your ancestors have a way,
of always being there and doing your best!