Galadriel's Gift to Samwise

LotR Object: Sam's box

Grains of sand fall from my fingers,

each one as treasured as the last.

Time to rebuild, start life anew.

old Shire suffered as we did friend,

perhaps we two can mend as well.

Fall breeze carries each grain away,

Lady Galadriel's words were true.

That home was not how we'd left it,

like our souls, it had become barren.

But with time, can't everything heal?

Small seed from mighty Mallorn tree,

as I plant it in special spot,

bring memories of our journey,

very few glad, most of them sad.

Now it is time to make new ones.

Blessings in a little grey box,

land laid waste has started to bloom.

Flowers were not gone, just asleep.

A little work and lots of love,

they will come awake, like our dreams.

Not for you I see with misty eyes,

Galadriel's gift could not restore,

your hopes and dreams, you've none left.

No place in middle earth can heal you,

your garden awaits over the sea.

Season passes, then another,

too soon we ride to the Havens.

Final farewells said, you board,

elven ship of silver and white,

with small wave to us left behind.

In your care now little grey box;

filled with the Shire, and my blessings.
- Isilmë