Gandalf's Choice

- Isilmë
~~Gandalf’s Choice~~

In the peace of Rivendell I ponder,
slowly scouts return, no sign of danger.
What road to take, which is the safest?
All ways clear, the Gap of Rohan fastest.

With the decision made I take the lead,
in secret we travel old roads with speed.
The black Crebain’s call, and Wargs midnight wail,
have caused best laid plans to falter, then fail.

Only choice left to us, under mountains,
I did not sense the menace it contains.
For last time I was there searching for Thráin,
no shadow had I felt, nor Durin’s Bane.

Now standing on the bridge of Khazad-Dûm,
I realise this place might become my tomb.
Yet even now my thoughts are for you eight,
without my guidance, what will be your fate.

With my last strength I stand against the Beast,
my word broken, to guide you to the East.
Battle’s lost, I fall and yell ‘Fly you fools’
never see tears fall, small droplets into pools.

My time here in Middle Earth was too brief,
and now I leave my friends in abject grief.
Listen carefully to your hearts, and feel,
my spirit is there now, soon you will heal.