- Isilmë

To see the future,
what would you say?
You'd want to be sure,
not look the other way.

If the path that was shown,
lead to pain and heartache.
Could you do it alone,
what decision to make?

To know their past,
might make you wary.
Who will be the last,
to help you carry?

A burden to great alone,
must in pain, be borne by you.
Not able to do this on your own,
your friend, there to help you thru.

To the bitter end, struggling and lost,
the long weary battle is not yet over.
You must finish, whatever the cost.
but you can't, you'll keep it forever!

Unlooked for, never seen,
the ring worked it's torture.
but Slinker came between,
you and the rings future.

Your friend in the end,
always good and pure.
There to help you mend,
and see a calm future.