- Isilmë

The first time we meet, you held one small book,
no words were spoken, I gripped heirloom tight.
All you did was glance my way, a keen look,
Sword’s still broken, it could not help our fight.

Next time we met, I learned your name,
Aragorn, the heir to Gondor.
My life will never be the same,
but White Tree might flower once more.

Dark words I spoke, about a vision,
listened to our history retold.
Then how are we to defeat Sauron,
when you tell me the ring’s not to hold.

This journey so far, has been for aid,
left home and land for this vision.
White City still stands, in lives we’ve paid,
our hopes now lay with the little one.

My doubts and fears travel with me still.
What kind of king will this Ranger be,
Does he have the heart, the strength of will?
Long road ahead, he might convince me.

Mithrandir, the only one here I knew,
we stood behind him ready to defend.
Side by side, enemy we fought and slew,
you become our new leader at his end.

Still my doubts are there, what will you decide,
do we go to Minas Tirith with hope,
or straight to Mordor, not let the ring hide,
many questions to answer, can you cope?

When at last I could take it no longer,
followed my heart, and tried to take the ring.
Before my death you gave me peace, honour,
all my doubts are gone…my Captain……my King.