Mithril Circles

LotR Object: The mithril necklace that the Ring was strung upon.

I was spun ages ago by Celebrimbor,

each link so precious it took a lifetime to craft.

For in every circle was woven songs and dreams,

and the Master gave all of them his elven seal.

As gift I was given to his kin, lady fair,

against her throat I lay, more cool then her gaze.

Dreams within came to be, new ones woven with old,

into their lives came another, small and fragile.

Nothing more dear to them than daughter golden,

born under skies blue in fair Doriath.

My journey went with her, new songs to be sung,

silvan dreams carried in crystal blue as azure.

Moons have come and gone, so have my Wearers,

from Mother to Daughter twice now I have passed.

All of them with dreams and songs of their own,

blending sweetly with ones Master placed in me .

Then from Evenstar's care, I was given to you,

this latest role shall prove harder then my links.

At last I feel I'm home, this is where I belong,

as I circle your neck, ring golden calls to me.

It knows my ancient past, our weakest points,

waits till I'm distracted, then slips away from us.

Our histories crossed, our Master Craftsmen linked,

I cannot keep it secret, we cannot keep it safe.

On roads dark we travel, all else you forsake,

not us, not the Ring and I, it's caress sweet torture.

Hurry small one, soon we will be lost, all dreams shattered,

I'll have none left to give you, no songs to whisper.

Within Mountain battles rage, yours and mine entwined,

decision made my heart cries to you, 'Not yet!,

there are still days left for us, meadows to wander.'

It was enough, spell broken, ring destroyed, we rest.

Sunlight catches, reflects and dances off crystal clear,

this newest task my last, keep you safe and secure.

Travel soon to Undying lands over oceans grey,

I have travelled full circle, from last Master to first.

My dreams never told, for I have none of my own,

for after all, I am a simple Mithril Necklace.

- Isilmë