The Tranformation of Boromir

- Isilmë

When I went to the movie the first thing I thought,
was how different Boromir was from the book.
You seemed to have found his spirit, and then caught,
the essence of what made him real, showing us with a look.

How much of this was you or brought out by Peter,
we may never know and it doesn't much matter.
For between you two Boromir became better,
a figure we could believe, no mere character.

Your portrayal of Boromir was outstanding,
and with superb direction you showed us his fear.
I had thought of Boromir as cold, not feeling,
but when the horn sounded my eyes began to tear.

For knowing the ending I wanted to change it,
and understanding that I couldn't caused more rain.
Boromir had to pay the price, his life forfeit,
you showed his anguish and torment, I felt his pain.

For all the times I read the book from front to back,
the man called Boromir was not my favourite.
Then came the movie and with a directors knack,
you were chosen and my admiration was lit.