Aulës’ Desire

 - Isilmë

The master smith Aulë was our maker.
From Arda’s dark earth and unyielding boulder,
Aulë’s desire took form, shaping life on his own.
that was strong, fast in friendship, most stubborn.
From above Eru did observe his deed,
and spoke at fruition, a timeless creed.

‘Why hast thou done this feat that is beyond thee?’
Thou hast power over thyself only,
no others can thy command or wholly form.’
Aulë sees his own folly and heart is torn.
‘As child to father I offer thee these things,
though I should now destroy my workings.’

Aulë swings great hammer to smite, undo,
Eru sees beings fear, intervenes anew.
‘Thou gave these children to me, their fate mine,
a place I shall find them now in my design.’
With gladdened heart Aulë did speak in return,
‘May Eru bless my work, amend my pattern.’

‘It is not in me to change what thee has thought,
forever shall they stay as they were wrought.’
But this I will not suffer, for thine to walk,
before mine fill Eä with sweet silver talk.
Long shall thou and they wait for sun’s first ray,
to awaken them from deep slumbers sway.’

Then did Aulë place our Seven Fathers,
under mountains deep, far asunder.
In Valinor he waited till they awoke,
and ever was Aulë glad Eru stilled his stroke.
For the dwarves have ever been master
of metal gem earth and stone, like father.