My Heart

- Illuvatar
The fire in my heart is no longer there,
no longer does it call for the Shire,
no longer do I wish to live in the hills,
to see the same things every day.
My heart calls for more than this,
for more adventure, even a little danger,
I can’t sit here now and feel content,
because I would only be lying to myself.
So now I think that I shall leave,
and go somewhere I can see more,
see more mountains, and plains,
and winding rivers.
My heart left the Shire when I left,
and when I returned,
I had lost my heart for it,
it stayed behind in foreign lands.
It stayed behind to see more adventure,
meet more people,
Dwarves, Elves, and Men alike,
and so my heart is gone.
And I must leave to find it,
resting on a shore,
of pale sunrises, sunsets,
and to be content elsewhere.