I Can Carry You

- Illuvatar
I hold you in my arms,
and I speak softly,
your face so fair,
is dirty, and wet with tears,
when I look upon your sore body,
and that menacing object,
around your neck,
my eyes start to sting,
and a single tear falls down,
and lands on your hand,
which is clasped by mine,
slowly, your eyes open,
and you show me your gorgeous blue eyes,
that once saw happiness,
not the smoke that's arising from within the mountain,
you let a small smile creep across your face,
and you slowly get up,
and try to walk up the steep rocky hill,
you fall down,
the weight is too heavy,
I run over to you,
and I whisper, "I will necer leave your side, and I can, and will, carry you forever."