The Wind is in the West

The moon lights on the water
And the wind is in the West.
As I walk beside the water
In this land that I love best.
Thoughts of far and ancient lands
The wind brings to me
And faintly I discern
The essence of the sea.
And thoughts of departure
Begin to fill my mind
Maybe over there
I'll find what I long to find.
O why am I not content?
My heart grows restless in my chest.
I feel the never-ceasing pull
To sail into the West.
I thought when I returned
To this land I love so dear
I would find the rest I seek.
But ever the subtle call I hear.
The wind brings oft to me
Thoughts of my long Quest,
But something stirs inside of me
When the wind is in the West.
O unhappy fate that is mine!
For I am torn in two
I cannot longer be happy here
And I know what I must do.
But a part of me still lingers,
It will be left behind,
But that cannot be helped
If peace I am to find.
Now as I step upon this ship
I know that I've found rest.
For my heart has found what it seeks
And the wind is in the West.

- Holly Baggins