A Poem About the Havens

My sweet Frodo,
His eyes so blue,
His face, how fair!
His heart so true.

Dear old Bilbo,
Kind old soul,
Yet these last few years
Have taken their toll.

The one so old,
The other so young!
It seems his life
Has just begun.

How can it be?
It seems so wrong.
No longer here
Does he belong.

Frodo, oh, Frodo!
Answer unto me.
I do not understand;
Why is this the path for thee?

Listen! Do you hear it?
The gulls' wild call.
It beckons to us,
Not one, but all.

The waves' gentle lap
Upon the shore,
It calls us home
To Valinor.

Not a word said,
He hugged each in turn.
To be not parted
Their hearts did yearn.

Good-bye forever
Is hard to say,
As he stepped on the ship
That would bear him away.

A contented smile
Looking back toward land,
No answer better!
I think at last I understand.

- Holly Baggins