Without Me

Heading for the dark land of Mordor.

I realize it now, that is why you’ve left, why you’ve gone!
You are leaving now, going to that horrible, hateful land,
A place you have never been, and don’t wish to think of!
Though I know you cannot stay; yes, this I understand.

You must go to that fiery, hot, dreaful mountain, Mount Doom,
On a journey so awful, you won’t want to remember it in a song.
A journey so awful, I do not want to think of what it could be!
But why did you not tell me? I would have gone along.

Yet instead of companionship, you chose to go alone.
Alone, to that terrible place, where no one can comfort or help you.
Into the dark shadows, with strange creatures lurking, waiting.
Do not go to them; be watchful, for they will be watching you!

Facing orcs, monsters, and many other unknown foes,
All without a friend.
But did you not think of me?
I’d go with you ‘till we reached the end!

I’d do anything, please don’t leave me behind,
Don’t you realize just how much I care?
I would not wish to go at all, but since you must, I will go.
Yes, I would go with you anywhere!

I won’t let you go alone, you should know you don’t have to.
Even to a place so evil as Mordor, I am willing to go.

After all we’ve been through so far
Don’t you see?
I won’t let you go alone;
Without me. . .

- hobbitdreams