Theodred's Song

I am with you father
to battle we must go
all our uncles and grandfathers
from battles long ago

Make haste across the riddermark
speed the men
All who battle for Rohan
Gather for King-Theoden

Ha,I know the secret
of Eowyn the fair
of Eomer,your sister-son
great deeds in battle they will dare

So ride Master Merry
My father will keep you safe
Come on men from Snowbourne
come men,make haste

To death and glory
rides your king
fell deeds awake!
should he fall in this battle
my father's life to take

Eowyn will rise in might
to protect her uncle, dear
a mighty foe she will fight
even if filled with fear

And in the end
when deemed the best
beside Theodred of Rohan
Theoden-King shall rest

Then I shall be with you father
from all battles we had to go
I am with you father
with love, I hope you know

- Halona Treeclan