- Halona Treeclan

Let me touch your weathered brow
place a star upon it somehow
and give life to what has not
I love you Strider,and have not forgot
when we first met so long ago
tell me love how was I to know
always there within my heart
always with me we will never part

And this love just kept on growing
and in my heart I kept on knowing
no man could ever take your place
no other memory could remove your face
Hello Ranger,come on in
been expecting you since I don't know when
was your trail long,are you tired?
It matters not we've a fire

A bit of bread and a roast
and here's the pipe you love the most
and I know who you really are
The Sky's most bright and brillant star

Love the lonely ranger,Aragorn
Strider he was when we first met
A lonely ranger and a lonely young girl
such a meeting I could never regret
Now decades have past and I have grown old
and yet your story is ,still well told

Do not weep for me
you see
Strider and I have ranged many a trail
many a beautiful day well spent
with the ranger I love so well