Samwise Scowled...

Samwise scowled as he hoisted his pack
filled to the brim,breaking his back
he had all hopes of returning home soon
and to be wed by the next new moon

though he knew deep in his heart
when Gandalf made him promise
to guard Frodo and never to part
"you should not have been droppin' those eaves you fool!" he told himself
as he and Frodo grew silent at the song of an elf

they were leaving and this made him sad
he told Frodo,how he did not know why
with a glint of silver,tear in his eye
they were leaving never to return
more of the elven language he wished he had learned
though Frodo told him everything
the song had to say
Bilbo had taught Frodo
the elven tounge everyday
since he had come to stay with him there
under a tree on a hill somewhere,

- Halona Treeclan