He Breaks the Mold of Those Before

He breaks the mold of those before
little hobbit in a giant's door
bearing the ring,of the dark lord
into his presence,too close for sure

Frodo and Sam went towards the eye
Poor darling hobbits,soon to die
until the fates sent misfortune away
Gollum got his ring back,
that very day

Alone in the distance there is a shadow
on the horizon watching the battle
Boromir,hears his friends pains and struggles
Faramir misses his brother and wonders
Why his father never loved him true
what was poor faramir to do

Dernhelm rode along with the Rohirrim
She and Merry were singing,with no one to hear 'em
and all along the walls of the white city
Pippin and Gandalf were watching the steward rolling in pity

And it is written on this very day
to the paths of the dead strode love
to save love ,hearth and home
to leave no loved one alone
Blossom O White Tree,show a sign
All will be well all will be fine.

- Halona Treeclan