A poem about lost time

So long under this mountain, in such despair
I wish to go back home, but they don't wants us there
So I hides here with my "precious"
hopes they want find us, nasty, tricksey, false
the names they gave us "precious"
until all hope was lost

I wish for the warmth of my mother's touch
Above all else I loves my "precious" much
So here we are, dark lightless lake
free blind fish, so easy to take
now and then a goblin or two
to let them live, is so unlike you,"Gollum"

so I hides on my little island
mud soaked bed beside fish boneses where I pile em
I love "precious" and "precious" loveses me
all alone beside my underground sea
just my "precious" and me
"So bright, so beautiful,"Gollum"

- Halona Treeclan