Eowyn, in Fever Pitch

Love has gone away from my lands
as we follow along in our mounted bands
he has taken "The paths of the dead"
where other men fear to tread
Oh Dunedain,I love you so
I wish to follow,my King said," no"

I should stay and rule in his stead
I cannot,I would rather be dead
dress myself as a man
take along the little,Hobytlan
he will keep the secret he won't tell
perhaps he knows I am under the spell

Of lord Aragorn ranger of the north
alas he put his business forth
I know what he has left me for
his claim on the throne of Gondor
A sheildmaiden knows no fear
so I hide my broken tear
He has a love and I know it well
perhaps I can be there for him
when her ship sails

My body is weak and there is no light
I remember a most terrible fight
I hear a voice calling to me
it is in the dark I would rather be
go away you cannot help me
my body is weak I wish to give up
I have fought, enough

Is this the voice of my love
speak again to me my love
through the dark a light shines on me
he has come to see about me
now I know I must get well
for I have of love to tell
don't leave me your work is not done
Aragorn,your the only one!

Daughter of kings you once called me
I love you,why can't it be?
no you do not understand
for me you are the only man
please,stop him,do not let him go
send another to help,Frodo
such a selfish wish
and this fever so intense
I wish he would show more sense.

You tell me I am talking out of my mind
I hear you say it all the time
so I will stay here in the dark
bury my body,back at the Mark
there I shall lie unloved and alone
with deaths chill to the bone
Eowyn sheild maiden of Rohan,daughter of kings
died out of want for the king of all kings

- Halona Treeclan