Faces in the Dark

Oh I see you old wizard friend
you have come to sit and chat again
did you know they made a film
about the ring,and put you in
ha ha old Gandalf dear
I am so glad you have found me here
alone I am since you left me this ring
tell me again Gandalf what do i do with this thing?

It has been many a decade since we have talked
as much longer since we've taken a walk
the paths we once tread are no longer there
it is as you said Man has stripped it bare
oh how is Bilbo doing these days
has he become set in his ways
and how is the handsome Strider I once met
tell him i remember how can i forget

And how did you feel when you sailed that day
I hope no tears fell not for me anyway
Have you come to help me in my quest
I will listen to you ,knowing it best
Lets see I will need my sword and flask
and losts of company the kind that lasts
Oh I love you all Gandalf you know this is true
If I deliver this ring,may I follow you?

- Halona Treeclan