Eowyn and Faramir

Eowyn of Rohan was in dire need
T'was all Faramir could percieve
her beauty he thought beyond compare
fair of skin,long golden hair

She lay dying he heard some say
Shield maiden of Rohan,had saved the day
ruthless in battle,a beauty to behold
few men he knew could be so bold

many a tale he heard about her
and of the struggle she had to endure
of the position she found herself in
a model of beauty in the world of men
a fearsome opponent upon the field
Shield maiden of Rohan,would never yield

Alas poor Faramir,doomed to love alone
with a brother to never come home
and should he capture her sweet caress
and have her head upon his breast
hand in hand,their whole lives through
'Eowyn' whispered Faramir'I'm in love with you!'

- Halona Treeclan