After the Battle

After the battle we all stand amazed
to be yet alive ,to be yet alive
and if this hurts or that smarts
just remember the broken hearts
we will be going home too

Time has come to put things right
in the manner of the way they should be
should have been from the start
with wounded spirit and broken heart
some found it not worth the effort
carrired on just the same
never to forget it

Swords are polished and hung by the hilt
on walls the soldiers had alomst no memory of
long on the trail or the wall they had been
watching for redemption,till the very end
the tales were told of wizards
of very small but courageous folk
whispers of something best left alone
a chill of evil as the full moon shone
upon the city of Minas Tirith
upon the place called Middle Earth
once filled with sorrow and dispair
now so full of fun and mirth
and sweet harpsongs to fill the air.

- Halona Treeclan