The Darkness

The Darkness creeps back into the world,
East and West, North and South,
The evil multiplies in the dark dank places of the world,

Under the green leaves, the Elves do battle,
In the Hills and Mountains, Dwarves do fight,
Men fight daily the forces of darkness on the plains,
Only one race escapes this war, for the moment anyhow,
The smallest of creatures, the littlest of folk,
The Hobbits, the halfings of stories old,

But the Darkness is searching,
looking for his ring, the ring of power,
The ring to let him control the world,
Made in the Cracks of Doom, on Orodruin,
In the Lands of Darkness, the lands of Mordor,

Evil legends stir in the dark deep places of the world,
The wise try to find away to defend the enemy before he controls them all,
They look to destroy the ring that he may, but who to turn to,
Elves, they power is all but spent,
Dwarves look inwards to their halls of stone,
Men fight daily just to survive,
All must face this evil,

Elves and Dwarves must come together, and forget their past,
Men must trust themselves and others,
even the little people, will have a part to play,
All must come together and fight for the Light,

The story is about to unfold before your eyes,
One of Courage and Legend,
Betrayal and Hatred,
Of Beasts and Men,
Of Darkness and Light,
Watch and Read to learn the secrets told,
About the Rings of Power,
The fight to destroy the Ring before it is too late,
Before the Darkness has conquered all.

- Grimbeorn