For Legolas

- Gimliguy

Far beyond my woodland home,
The seagulls call me to white shores
I cannot deny them, for their cry;
Is as unto an open door.

I do not know when I shall follow them,
Nor when into that doorway I shall pass;
But by sword or ship I will go there,
And be at my home at last.

I will trust in you my friends,
My bow to you I shall always lend;
I will fight with you until finally,
This war has come to an end.

War has brought us grief and pain,
But it's also brought us together;
And after all the battles we have fought,
Them all I would weather,
To be called a friend of dwarf and man,
And to be a friend of you.

The gulls call,
White shores soon I will see;
My hope, my longing though,
Is that you'll be there with me.