Ode to Boromir, Lord of Gondor

by Gil-Galad, Elven King

As told of old
Left on a quest
But not for gold.

Fame and fortune
Were not his aim.
Personal glory
He did not claim.

He came to Rivendell
With questions to ask
And warning to tell.

Of Mordor
It's powers arisen again.
Seeking for Gondor
Any help her allies could send.

But to Rivendell came
A terrible thing.
A tiny young Hobbit
With a small golden Ring.

Sauron was looking
For this small little ring,
This innocent, this unassuming,
This terrible thing.

"We could use it
To overcome his dark powers!
To crumble his gate
And topple his black towers!

If only we'd use it,
If only we'd dare!"
These were the arguments
Of Boromir.

But, in evil
It's powers lay.
And all of it's users
Turned to evil, one day.

With all of his wisdom
Elrond did advise
That to destroy the Ring
Would be the council of the wise.

Elessar agreed,
It was the right thing to do.
And agreed did an Elf, a dwarf
And four hobbits too!

And Gandalf the Grey,
He joined in this quest.
But it was not enough,
No, nine would be best.

"If it is the will of the council,
You'll have Gondor's sword!"
And thus joined Boromir,
Gondor's noble lord.

So Elrong was pleased,
And the Elves, they did sing,
"Here sets forth
The Fellowship of the Ring!"

Through the hills they went
Over field and many miles.
Through the Mines of Moria
And all of it's trials.

There with the lose
Of Mithrandir to the nine,
Continued in Boromir
A breaking of heart and mind.

For on his will
The Rings evil went to work.
And allowed in his heart
A darkness to lurk.

They came at last,
To the woods of Lord Celeborn.
And the Lady Galandriel saw
Just how Boromir's spirit was torn.

To remain noble,
And follow the eight,
or to use the Ring against Sauron
Before it was to late?

But the eight left Lothlorien
With many a gift,
Yet ever widening
Was Boromir's rift.

So, at last, on a
Slope far away
Boromi let his darkness
Take him that day.

From Frodo he wanted
To take the power
The had finally corupted
This lord of the white towers.

Frodo escaped
With his trusty friend Sam.
It could even be said
That they went "on the lamb".

And in this end,
Evil might have won
If not for the return
Of Gondor's favorite son.

And so he defended the halflings
With his might sword
And gave up his life,
This most noble lord.