- Gentle Giant

(A Perspective of "The Road goes ever on and on ... )


If ever connections were to be made
between where we once were,
where we are
and where we wish to be;
could we make them?

make the connections; and then …
take the channel

A wise man –
no; more …
a literary and philosophical genius –
once wrote,
“The Road goes ever on and on … ” *
Will we follow
the Road

No matter how it leads us and
no matter where it flows –
whether narrow or wide,
or straight
as a beam of light –
as though guided by some Beacon
we must first see the way
before we can find the way

making the decisions; and then …
taking the voyage

For all of us, while using different paths,
are making the same journey
Call it fate, perhaps,
or destiny;
a calling
or hope

No matter

Forward movement may suggest life
movement forward implies much more

As humans
we often struggle … to move forward
to be better than we are;
to become, perhaps, even more than we dreamed
of becoming

An unknown future
“Where many paths and errands meet … ” *
lies before all of us …
and, ahead of us all, awaits also some unmade Future
that we will choose
to make

How ironic that this is all
so simple
while remaining
so difficult

We need only to follow the Road
with new and better purpose,
while gently caring
for all,
in order to arrive, safely,
at that New Place …



* The lines in this poem contained within quotation marks come from the book The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien … but … everybody HERE already knows that …