Sam's Dreams

- Garoc

As I dream far across the shire
Of places that which I’ll never tire
The rolling fields scarred deep by ploughs
With bubbling brooks and wooded brows

I close my eyes and the warm breeze brings
The smell of blossom as the skylark sings
My face is touched by the suns first light
As bumble-bees bustle past in flight

Here one could feel he was the first to grace
This pleasant vibrant life filled place
And bestowed the gift of sights few see
From the lands in the west to the East of Bree

Like ghostly figures in the morning dew
Hinds rest by their young in open view
In mist filled dales that have still to find
The heat and warmth not far behind

Still they lie but for flicking ears
And seem so far from their mortal fears
Until high on the ridge a stag does bark
And with their young to the woods they start

Or down by the stile on the millers way
A vixen steals before full light of day
To make it back home to her earthy den
High in the hill above the wet fen

And across the river down by the mill
Blue dragonflies dance merrily on waters still
Until in bubbling turmoil the waters boil
As a trout a dragonfly dance does spoil

While I shape this garden these things I view
As the master dreams of dragons slew
For he has seen things that I have not
From adventures far great tales he brought

Of Dwarfs and wizards and hordes of gold
Too Orc and spiders and dragons bold
These tales young hobbits he likes to scare
But what interest me are the elves so fair

In the beginning they walked on these lands
From across the sea to the far western sands
And I only can dream of the sights that they saw
When the world was anew and carried no flaw

The master tells tales and stories in song
To go see this fair race I truly do long
But for now I have work there are hedges to trim
And I can’t leave the gaffer on a hobbits daft whim