A Tribute to Pippin

- Galadriel TX

Under the golden sun lies the green lush Shire
A place where Hobbits live our their desires
Though simple they are and travel not much
To eat, drink and be merry they have the right touch

Peregrin Took has often been called a fool
Sometimes drunk at the Green Dragon and sometimes drools
He eats lots of bacon, tomatoes and more
But he’s the Took we love to adore

His adventures have taken him both far and wide
With Meriadoc Brandybuck by his side
A part of the fellowship they both were made
From listening in on a secret meeting that day

So off they went with their new found friends
Aragorn and Boromir were the men
Legolas and Gimli were the other two
The Gray Wizard was with them, too

You know the story and the valor they showed
With swords and axes and beautiful bows
So take your hat off and let’s have an ale
For the wonderful Took we love so well.