The Story of Pippin

- Galadriel TX

Peregrin Took was a merry little Hobbit,
who lived in the Shire so lush and green.
He joked and laughed with his friend Merry
at the local pub he could always be seen.

He danced and sang upon the table,
his sweet Hobbit tune.
But adventures awaited him,
they would come soon.

“Breakfast yes, but what about seconds?
Brunch, lunch and afternoon tea?
What about dinner and supper?
I need food inside of me!”

In the dark Moria mines
he threw rocks into a lake.
But much to his surprise
A monster did awake.

Running inside and hiding from fear,
he found a skeleton dirty and dusty.
Upon closer examination,
it fell with a sound so crusty.

Running from horrible Orcs
and a Balrog too,
he huffed and puffed
to make it to the bride of Kazadhum.

Vowed to help his friend Frodo,
Pippin took up a sword or two.
Though not to good at wielding this blade,
His loyalty to Frodo was true.

In the Lothlorien woods of light
He was given a dagger and hope.
That his bravery was coming
and with these fears would cope

“Oh no, they’re chasing Frodo.”
Pippin jumped from the brush
to distract the Uruk-Hai.
“Frodo, shhhhh, hush.”

His plan did work with his friend Merry,
They ran but took a turn wrong.
Boromir fought for these two little ones,
Boromir fought so strong.

Poor Merry and Pippin
were taken away
into the evil darkness.
Oh, what a horrible day.

This is just the beginning
of our story of bravery and power.
Our fine Pippin’s adventures continue
In the next story The Two Towers.