I am Pippin

- Galadriel TX

My name is Peregrin Took
My friends they call me Pippin
I like to go to Green Dragon
On ale I’m there a sippin

Meriadoc is my friend so true
We laugh and joke all day
Many think I am just a fool
I guess I just do things my way

I love the Shire, it is so green
And all the Hobbits are fine
I think I’m full of too much ale
Maybe I should try the wine

I’ve had my breakfast and seconds too
I can’t wait for afternoon tea
I eat a lot oh yes that’s true
It’s another part of me

My friends Frodo and Samwise
Have encountered me in the fields
I’ve become a part of their quest
And a sword I’ve learned to wield

We have fought some Orcs and ugly things
On our quest, we have stayed true
But Frodo did leave us behind
Oh no, what shall I do?

Boromir, the big tall man
Who has taught me oh so much
Put down his life to save me
And for this I am dearly touched

We’ll find our way back to the light
Out of this horrible dark
For I am simply Pippin
A Took so full of heart.