The White Ship

LotR Object: The Elven ship at the Havens

Never a fairer ship was there
than the one which sailed to Valinor
on wings of white she flew away
gone through the night to seek the day.

Like a swan, all white and proud she was
her prow as keen as an Elven-blade
the sea-breeze all about her blew
as she sailed away through mist and fog.

Her white sails billowed and caught in the wind
the spray leapt up as she clove the waves
she was borne away on a western wind
on a path which led to the Blessed Realm.

Long she sailed, tall proud white ship
through rain, through wind, through misty night
never faltering, and never was daunted
but always onwards swift she sailed.

Sea-gulls far above her wheeled
as through the curtain grey she passed
at last she came to Valinor
never a fairer ship was there.
- Frodo Baggins